robert baldwinRobert is a professional musician who specialises in film-score composition, song writing and music production. He has over twenty years experience composing music, beginning with the Atari ST in the early ’90s.

Robert holds an MA in music with distinction and a 1st class honors degree in popular music and recording, both awarded by the University of Salford.

He currently holds the position of:

Lecturer of music production, recording and composition at Futureworks school of media in Manchester. (1st 2nd, & 3rd year BA(hons) & BSc students) http://www.futureworks.co.uk/

Research assistant to Dr Beate Peter and Professor Ray Wilkinson in the areas of music and psychology.

His weapons of choice are piano, guitar, vocals, the sampler and any interesting thing that produces a noise.

Unhealthy obsessions are as follows:

Salami, red wine, cheese, Nine Inch Nails.

Robert’s favourite producer is Trevor Horn.